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  • Little Bee by Chris Cleave - This book is a must read. Better than anything else I've read, it takes you vividly into the life of a person in the 3rd world who has no choice but to escape. It is brilliantly written & works well as an audio book. Often I've sent info about the wonderful refugees I've met in Europe. We know only so much of their plight as it is painful for them to recall much less live through again by recounting it. But over time it is clear what they've lived through. This book is excellent as you discover the horrors of their world. Somewhat how to me, it is like being in Europe near a Concentration Camp. One has an obligation to visit it. 'Never to Forget.' In this case, to have our eyes opened.
  • Garbage King by Eliz Laird - The book is set on the streets on Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia and here lives Mamo and his sister Tiggist. When Mamo's "uncle" offers a job, he soon sets out on a bus to work. Little does he know that he is actually being sold into slavery...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

People you meet in San Pedro

This is truly a fun week. San Pedro is a great place. Some of the people:

Monica from Germany a lovely young lady, 28, traveling throughout Central America for several months. She has a room also at my homestay & we´ve checked several things out. For a slender person, she can eat a ton - a point of humor for all.

Israelis San Pedro and Guatemala are a big draw for young Israelis who have completed their two years of mandatory military service. Apparently much of Central & South America are quite popular with Israeli youth.

Ventura, my Spanish teacher is a very resourceful young man of 27. He spent two years as a gardener in Washington State for one of his former students. He saved most of his money to be able to come back & build his own house. I´ve seen pictures of it, quite lovely. Apparently it is a blend of Mayan & American thinking. His friends do not understand why he wants to build on the outskirts of the village, not closer in town, & with so many windows! It´s the view of the lake he´s after!

The Tuchs´family Rosalia & Juan and their 18 year old son, Abner, are terrific. Rosalia goes to great lengths to make sure I can eat what she´s preparing, given my Diabetes Stage 2. This is summer vacaton now & several days a week Juan & Abner go to the mountains to pick coffee. Rosalia in addition to keeping the house & running the homestay, bakes large cakes for fiestas.

Abner, a normal teen, watches futbol, helps out with dishes in the house & visits friends in the evening. He is very polite & has a nice sense of humor.

James from New Zealand is working on his first novel. A very laid back & interesting young man. I marvel at how some young people can make their way without much concern for conventional materialism.

Jennifer from Nova Scotia Her husband wanted to visit India again, so she´s here volunteering & living in one of the Cabanas on the school property. Roughing it to be sure. She would relay an adventure then add, given my age. Then she found out she was two years young than moi!

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